Alternative uses for #MayThe4th

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Series of doors - alternative uses for #MayThe4th

No-one owns a hashtag. So the good news is that just because somebody might use #MayThe4th for one purpose, it does not prevent you using it for another purpose. Here are some great options for using #MayThe4th. You can feel free to copy-paste any of the items in the green text-bubbles into any social media you like.


Use the hashtag as a seasonal expression. The date of May the 4th is typically a spring day in the Northern Hemisphere or an autumn day in the Southern Hemisphere.

So you can put something like this:

#MayThe4th is a wonderful spring day here

Enjoying the autumn leaves here on #MayThe4th

The significance of the number 4

The 4th occurrence of something may not be as exciting as the first occasion, but it has its own significance. Try any of these:

#MayThe4th time you do a new good habit is when you stick with it

#MayThe4th please come after the 3rd and before the #FifthElement, otherwise something is clearly wrong.

#MayThe4th wall be broken in awesome ways

May the 4th in history

Many interesting and exciting events happened on the 4th of May in an earlier year. Let's take a look at some of these (information obtained from reference 1):

The first Grammy Awards were on #MayThe4th 1959: Perry Como and Ella Fitzgerald win

On #MayThe4th 1924, the III Summer Olympic Games open in Paris

#MayThe4th 1899 was the 25th Kentucky Derby, the winner was Manuel

The Cincinnati Reds played their first baseball game on #MayThe4th 1869

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1. What Happened on May 4 from On This Day

This page was last updated on 13 Oct 2020.

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