Welcome! Here you can get free phone wallpapers, generate a social media update, and more. Make a splash with your device!


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Screenshot of gradient wallpapers for phone vs photo wallpapers

Here at JotSplash is a selection of free cell phone wallpapers for you. They work for tablet too. They are colorful yet allow your phone or tablet icons to stand out.


Man looking up

If you're a man looking for a Facebook status update or for Twitter etc, we've got you covered. Here is a men's social media status generator.


Young woman with long hair

If you’re a woman looking for a status message for social media, this is the place to be. You can quickly grab a great social media quote or message for yourself today here, copy-and-paste it on your social media, and then relax.


teen girl with phone

Is your Android tablet or phone stuck in one orientation? You've probably already tried changing the rotation setting and it wasn't that. Don't worry, there's a separate quick solution described here in an illustrated step-by-step guide.


This page was last updated on 14 Aug 2020.